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HYMN Lyrics: With Joyful Lips O Lord


HYMN Lyrics: With Joyful Lips O Lord

HYMN Lyrics: Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together

With joyful lips, O Lord,

I will sing your praises.

You are a feast for my soul.

1. O God, you are my God, and my


My soul thirsts after you.

2. Your glory, I behold, in the temple,

Your majesty enthroned.

More beautiful than life

Is your glory

My lips shall sing your praise.

4. So all my life I bless you, O Lord.

To you I lift my hands.

5. As one that you have

Called to your feast,

My heart gives thanks to you.

6. The shadow of your wings

Is my shelter

My soul clings fast to you.

8. My thoughts have turned

To you in the night.

At dawn I sing your praise.

9. For you have been

The light of my soul.

In you I put my trust.

10. To Father, Son and Spirit,

Give glory,

Both now and evermore

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