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HYMN Lyrics Text: Yes I Shall Arise


HYMN Lyrics Text: Yes I Shall Arise

HYMN Lyrics: Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together

Yes, I shall arise

And return to my father

1. To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul

in you, O my God, I place all my trust

2. Look down on me,

Have mercy, O Lord.

Forgive me my sins,

Behold all my grief.

3. My heart and soul shall yearn

For your face.

Be gracious to me

And answer my plea.

4. Do not withhold

Your goodness from me.

O Lord, may your love

Be deep in my soul.

5. To you I pray:

Have pity on me

My God I have sinned

Against your great love.

6. Mercy, I cry, O Lord: wash me clean

And whiter than snow

My Spirit shall be.

7. Give me again the joy of your help

Now open my lips,

Your praise I will Sing

8. Happy is he, forgiven by God.

His sins blotted out,

His guilt is no more.

9. You are my joy,

My refuge and strength.

Let all upright hearts

Give praise to the Lord.

10. My soul will sing,

My heart will rejoice.

The blessings of God

Will fill all my days.

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