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HYMN Lyrics Text: Where There's Charity and Love

HYMN Lyrics Text: Where There Is Charity and Love

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

Where there is charity and love

there the God of love abides.

1. The love of Christ

has gathered us here as one.

Rejoice in him with joy

Which he imparts.

Let us revere

And love the living God.

And love each other

With unfailing heart.

2. And so when we are gathered

Here as one,

let quarrels die

and evil rancours cease.

Be our resolve

All bitterness to shun.

And in our midst be Christ

His love and peace.

3. O lead us Master

by Your saving grace

to where the blessed glory

in Your sight

There let us see

And love face to face.

Gather once more in everlasting light.

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