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HYMN Lyrics Text: This Is My Body

HYMN Lyrics Text: This Is My Body Given For Your Freedom

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

This is my body

given for your freedom.

This is my blood

which was shed for all mankind.

Take all and eat

till the day of my return.

1. Peace to Sion, Yahweh's people.

Put your sorrows in my hands.

As I once led you to freedom,

come now to My Father's house.

2. On your journey to the Kingdom

You will find the strength

you need

at this table of remembrance

of my rising from the dead.

3. Hear my flock now, hear me calling

For I know you all by name.

Come with Me the blessed shepherd

to the new Jerusalem

4. When the whole world

shakes with terror,

when the sky burst into flame

on the clouds shall I appear

And you shall know

My hour has come.

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