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HYMN Lyrics Text: The Ten Commandments

HYMN Lyrics Text: The Ten Commandments

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

1. I am the Lord and thou shall serve

no other god but Me.

Religion true thou shall observe,

faith, hope and charity.

All these that Thou command.

O Lord we cheerfully obey

And look to heaven for our reward

through all eternity

2. Thou shall not take

God's name in vain,

nor Swear unlawfully

ngs holy thou shall not profane

nor curse irreverently

3. Remember that thou sanctify

the holy Sabbath day.

Work not without necessity

Hear holy Mass and pray

4. Thy parents honour, Serve and love

and cheerfully obey.

And servant must obedient prove,

when without sin they may'

5. Thou shalt not kill

nor vengeance take,

nor hate thy enemy.

Forgive and love for Jesus' sake

all that have injured thee.

6. Do not commit adultery

in thoughts, words and deeds.

Beware of evil company

and read not dangerous books.

7. Thou shall not keep nor steal

nor waste nor cheat in any way.

Destruction done thou must repair

as well as calumny.

8. Thou shan't covet

thy neighbour's wife,

nor look with lustful eyes.

Thou shan't covet

Thy neighbour's goods

nor eye them enviously.

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