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HYMN Lyrics Text: Ring Out Your Joy To The Lord

HYMN Lyrics Text: Ring Out Your Joy To The Lord

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

Ring out your joy to the Lord,

O you just!

For praise is fitting

for loyal hearts.

1. Give thanks to the Lord

upon the harp,

with a ten-stringed lute

sin Him songs.

O sing Him a song that Is new.

Play loudly, with all your skill.

2. For the word of the Lord

is faithful,

and all of His works to be trusted.

The Lord loves justice and right,

and fills the earth with His love.

3. By His word the heavens were made

By the breath of His mouth

all the stars.

He collects the waves of the ocean.

He stirs up the depths of the sea.

4. Let all the earth fear the Lord,

and all who live in the world

revere Him.

spoke and it came to be.

He commanded: it sprang into being.

5. He frustrates the designs

of the nations.

He defeats the plans

of the peoples.

His own designs

shall stand forever,

the plans of his heart

from age to age.

6. They are happy,

whose God is the Lord,

the people He has chosen

as His own.

From the heavens the Lord

looks forth,

He sees all the children of men.

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