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HYMN Lyrics Text: Praise The Trinity

HYMN Lyrics Text: Praise The Trinity 

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

Praise the trinity.

glorious trinity.

Come in God's presence.

rejoicing with singing

extolling His glorious name. (2)

1. Come all ye people

This is the day of the Lord.

Great and mighty is Yahweh,

greatly and mightily praised.

2. Praise to the Father,

He dwells in Israel's praise,

bringing deliverance and freedom

to all who delight in his ways.

3. Praise be to Jesus,

Who loved not His life unto death

By His blood he redeemed us

His love we will never forget.

4. Praise to the Spirit,

The gift of the father above.

He has filled us with boldness,

Power and victory and love.

5. We are the family of Yahweh.

We are His very own.

Enter the Holy of Holies

in worship before His throne

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