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HYMN Lyrics Text: Holy Queen We Bend | Marian Hymn

HYMN Lyrics Text: Holy Queen We Bend

HYMN Lyrics Text: God Almighty (O Brothers Of Christ Jesus Come)

1. Holy Queen we bend before

thee, queen of purty divine

Make us love thee, we implore

thee make us truly to be thine


Teach, oh teach us Holy Mother, how to

conquer ev'ry sin

how to love and help each other, how

the prize of life to win

2. Thou to whom a child was given

greater than the sons of men

Coming down from highest

heaven, to create the world again

3. Oh by the Almighty Maker

Whom thyself a virgin bore!

Oh, by thy supreme Creator,

link'd with thee forevermore

4. By the hope thy name inspires,

be our doom reversed

through thee

Help us, Queen of Angel-


to a blest eternity.

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