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HYMN Lyrics Text: Colours Of Day

HYMN Lyrics Text: Colours Of Day

HYMN Lyrics Text: Abba Father

1. Colours of day dawn into the mind,

The sun has come up.

The night is behind,

Go down in the city,

into the street,

And let's give the message

to the people we meet

So light up the fire

and let the flame burn.

Open the door

Let Jesus return.

Take seeds of his spirit.

Let the fruit grow.

Tell the people of Jesus

Let His love show

2. Go through the park

on into the town

the sun still shines on

it never goes down

The light of the world is risen again

The people of darkness

are needing our friend.

3. Open your eyes,

look into the sky

the darkness has come.

The sun came to die

The evening draws on,

The sun disappears,

But Jesus is living

and His spirit is near

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