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LYRICS:- Theophilus Sunday - Odu Jesus

 LYRICS:- Theophilus Sunday - Odu Jesus

Theophilus Sunday, Odu Lyrics

Lyrics of Odu Jesus by Theophilus Sunday

I de no le lo le I de ne ku ne gi Odu Jesus na na tu male Chaka Chaka E che wa Fe du ga ne I la fo ga ni che gba Odu Jesus na na tu ma le cha ka cha ka Odu du da bu Jesus u no
Eshe go ma no Jesus e che go ma no Nobody greater than you Nobody better than you U Wu do ku ne Owele Ewudu ku che ooo U we le U we le oooooo u wele Jesus uwele Ola o ku mu ne oooo U wele Uwele oooo uwele Jesus uwele



  1. No other name like the name of JESUS CHRIST indeed... These sounds are heavenly, I'm from the eastern part of Nigeria but based in Lagos state yet; these sounds are just amazing, there's a strong connection within my spirit. #SPIRITMUSIC #KINGDOMSOUNDS #FLMCGLOBAL

    1. Kai....I can only go deeper

    2. Oh please can I get the translation of this glory?

      Odu Jesus

  2. Am blessed by every Min.Theophilus songs

  3. Powerful song!, Please i need the English Translation


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