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LYRICS:- Theophilus Sunday - Odu Jesus

 LYRICS:- Theophilus Sunday - Odu Jesus

Theophilus Sunday, Odu Lyrics

Lyrics of Odu Jesus by Theophilus Sunday

I de no le lo le I de ne ku ne gi Odu Jesus na na tu male Chaka Chaka E che wa Fe du ga ne I la fo ga ni che gba Odu Jesus na na tu ma le cha ka cha ka Odu du da bu Jesus u no
Eshe go ma no Jesus e che go ma no Nobody greater than you Nobody better than you U Wu do ku ne Owele Ewudu ku che ooo U we le U we le oooooo u wele Jesus uwele Ola o ku mu ne oooo U wele Uwele oooo uwele Jesus uwele


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  1. No other name like the name of JESUS CHRIST indeed... These sounds are heavenly, I'm from the eastern part of Nigeria but based in Lagos state yet; these sounds are just amazing, there's a strong connection within my spirit. #SPIRITMUSIC #KINGDOMSOUNDS #FLMCGLOBAL


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